About Us

NationRemit was started by 2 veterans of the online remittance industry, with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the compliance and regulations fields. It all started over a conversation on providing value for money to the end-customers and a thinking that customers deserve better. Today, that thinking is ingrained to every aspect of what NationRemit does and stands for.

We provide a simple, fair, and convenient way to send money to an increasing number of nations across the world. You can send money either on the go from our mobile app or from our website to your friends and family abroad anytime (24-7-365).

Our Values


We understand our customer time is precious, and our business is no different. We provide clear, simple processes from signing up to sending.

Fair and Transparent Fees

We know every penny saved is a penny more for your loved one – providing low, clear and transparent fees and charges is key part of our business model


Send anytime from anywhere – 24-7-365. Most transfers are completed in minutes depending on transfer method chosen and destination country


We leverage the power of technology so that your money is protected every step of the way and gets to your loved ones every time, and on time.


Our vision is to provide a truly customer centric service that is second to none. We will do the hard work of getting your money to your loved ones quickly, securely and in the most efficient way possible so that you can focus on other things that are more important to you.

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