Cookie Policy

Why we use Cookies?

We place small text files (called cookies) on your device when you visit our website to help us remember your preferences, improve your browsing experience, and gather data on how you interact with our site. While cookies offer benefits in terms of convenience and customisation, you have the option to control their use through your browser settings, though this might impact certain website functionalities.

What type of cookies do we use?

  • Necessary Cookies: These essential cookies are crucial for the basic functioning of a website. They enable features like secure logins, maintaining your session, and navigating between pages, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Analytical Cookies: These cookies help us gather information about how our visitors use our website. They track metrics like page views, time spent on each page, and user interactions, helping website owners understand user behavior and make improvements to enhance our sites performance.
  • Functional Cookies: These cookies enhance the usability of our website by remembering your preferences and settings. They can store choices like language preferences, font sizes, and customised layouts, providing a more tailored and user-friendly browsing experience.
  • Similar or Other Technologies: We use some technologies beyond traditional cookies, such as the incorporation of external services, features, or content from third-party websites into our website. These technologies serve similar purposes to cookies, enabling websites to gather data about user interactions, track conversions, and personalise content based on user behavior.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Technology Purpose Expires After Third Parties Privacy information
CookieConsent This cookie is used to remember your consent to our use of cookies on the website. It helps us manage your preferences for cookie usage 90 days
CookieConsentGTM This cookie handles the setup of the cookie consent banner and related settings. 90 days

Analytical Cookies

Technology Purpose Expires After Third Parties Privacy information
wd This cookie stores browser window dimensions, aiding in optimizing content presentation and ensuring a consistent user experience on Facebook across different devices and screen sizes. 1 week Facebook
_ga This cookie is a Google Analytics persistent cookie which is unique users. Immediately Google
Creates a profile of website visitor interests in order to display relevant and personalised advert 2 years Google
Used for targeting purposes to create a profile of the website visitor’s interests in order to display relevant and tailored Google advertising Google
APISID Personalises Google advertisement s on websites depending on recent searches and interactions 2 years Google
HSID Protects visitor data from unauthorised parties by securing digitally signed and encrypted data from the unique Google ID and storing the most recent login time that Google uses to identify visitors. This can also be used for targeting, displaying relevant and personalised ad content. 8 months Google
__Secure-3PSID We use this cookie to build a profile of our website visitor interests to show relevant and personalised ads for retargeting. 2 years Google
SID We use this cookie to verify visitor identity, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and secure visitor data from unauthorised access. 2 years Google
SAPSID Persistent Google
SSID We use this to record preferences and other information about your experiences with the site. It may include information such as your chosen language and search setting Persistent Google
datr This cookie is set by Facebook and is used to help identify suspicious login activity and protect user accounts. It helps in preventing unauthorised access and maintaining the security of Facebook users. 2 years Facebook

Functional Cookies

Technology Purpose Third Parties Privacy information
Language This cookie stores your preferred language settings on a website. It allows the website to display content in your preferred language whenever you visit. Google

Similar technologies

Technology Purpose Third Parties Privacy information
YouTube Integration We UseYouTube for embedding videos on our website. While offering this functionality, Google might gather specific details regarding visitors to our site. YouTube
Instagram Integration We use the Instagram button on our website to direct users to our Instagram profile. Instagram may potentially gather specific data concerning visitors to our site. Instagram
Facebook Integration We use the Facebook button on our website to direct users to our Facebook profile. Additionally, we may utilise Facebook’s advertising services. While delivering these services, Facebook might gather specific information regarding visitors to our website. Facebook
LinkedIn Integration We incorporate the LinkedIn button on our website to connect users with our LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn may gather particular information pertaining to visitors of our site LinkedIn
Twitter Integration We use the Twitter button on our website to connect users with our Twitter profile. Twitter may potentially gather specific information related to visitors of our site. Twitter
Bing We use Bing cookies enhances website functionality and improves your browsing experience. Microsoft