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Transfer money online to your family or friends in Somaliland in just a few simple steps. We offer Mobile Money payouts (Zaad and eDahab), cash pickups and bank transfers. Safe, low-cost and fast money transfers you can trust.

Send money to Somaliland from the UK with just a few simple clicks. Our money transfer service to Somaliland has allows you to send direct to any mobile money account (Zaad and eDahab), cash pickups and bank transfers to all the major banks in Somaliland. We are the simple and fair Hawaala you can trust.

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Send Money to Mobile Money Accounts in Somaliland

Somaliland is in the main a cashless society and sending money directly to mobile money accounts in Somaliland is the easiest way to transfer money. Our service allows you to send mobile money to the two providers:

Cash Pickup Locations

You can also pick up hard cash at any of our Bakaal partner agents across Somaliland:

Direct Bank Transfer to Somaliland

Send money directly to all the major banks in Somaliland including:

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