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Transfer money online to your friends or family in Cambodia in just a few simple steps.
Our money transfer service to Cambodia has coverage across the country with direct transfer to 40+ banks, Wing mobile money wallet and a growing list of cash pickup points in all parts of Cambodia. Send money to Cambodia from the UK with just a few simple clicks from our secure website or mobile app.

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Send Money to Cambodia Wing from UK

Wing is Cambodia’s leading mobile banking services provider. Our service allows you to send money directly to your loved one’s Wing account in minutes. They can then use this money to pay bills, phone top up, and buy products from the 1000s of WingPay partners across the country.

Cash Pickup Locations

You can also pick up hard cash at any of the 100s of Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank agents across Cambodia.

Direct Bank Transfer

Send money directly to 40+ banks across Cambodia.

  • Cambodia Commercial Bank LTD (USD)
  • Cambodia Public Bank PLC (USD)
  • Canadia Bank PLC (USD)
  • Krung Thai Bank Public Co LTD PP Branch (USD)
  • Cambodia Asia Bank LTD (USD)
  • May Bank (Cambodia) PLC (USD)
  • Union Commercial Bank PLC (USD)
  • Cambodia Mekong Bank Public LTD (USD)
  • Advanced Bank of Asia LTD (USD)
  • Rural Development Bank (USD)
  • First Commercial Bank, Phnom Penh Branch (USD)
  • Acleda Bank (USD)
  • Vattanac Bank (USD)
  • J Trust Royal Bank Ltd (USD)
  • Shinhan Khmer Bank (USD)
  • Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (USD)
  • Booyong Khmer Bank (USD)
  • SACOM Bank (Cambodia) PLC (USD)
  • Kookmin Bank Cambodia PLC (USD)
  • Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc (USD)
  • ICBC Limited Phnom Penh Branch (USD)
  • Agri Bank of Cambodia (Vietnam Bank) (USD)
  • Bank of China Limted Phnom Penh Branch (USD)
  • CIMB Bank PLC (USD)
  • Mega International Bank Co LTD PP Branch (USD)
  • MB Bank PLC Phnom Penh Branch (USD)
  • SHB PLC Phnom Penh Branch (USD)
  • Taiwan Cooperative Bank PP Branch (USD)
  • Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLC (USD)
  • RHB Indochina (Cambodia) PLC (USD)
  • Cambodia Post Bank PLC (USD)
  • Cathay United Bank (Cambodia) Corporation Bank (USD)
  • Phillip Bank PLC (USD)
  • Bangkok Bank Plc Cambodia Branch (USD)
  • Bred Bank PLC (USD)
  • National Bank of Cambodia (USD)
  • Chief (Cambodia) Commercial Bank Plc. (USD)
  • Prince Bank Plc. (USD)
  • Industrial Bank of Korea Phnom Penh Branch. (USD)
  • BIC (Cambodia ) Bank Plc. (USD)

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