Maximum amounts

Below is the maximum amounts allowed per transaction by country and transfer type.
Transfer Type
Country Currency Mobile Money Cash Account
Egypt EGY 50,000
Egypt USD 3,000
Somalia USD 1,500 10,000 10,000
Somaliland USD 3,000 10,000 10,000
Turkey TRY 50,000 200,000
Turkey USD 5,000
Uganda UGX 10,000,000
Uganda USD 5,000
Djibouti USD 7,000
Australia AUD 5,500
Canada CAD 5,000
Ethiopia USD 7,000
Ethiopia BIR 60,000
Kenya USD 10,000
Kenya KES 70,000 848,000
Morocco EUR 2,000
Qatar USD 1,000
Qatar QAR 10,000
South Africa ZAR 43,950
South Africa USD 2,000
Tanzania TZS 6,125,000
Tanzania USD 4,000
United Arab Emirates AED 20,000


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